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Fake C9 Christmas Light

If your landscaper or lighting installer  is calling the above a “C-9”, its a fake…..and most likely, it’s not even fully rectified… It is  a mini LED with a plastic cap and is fast becoming the biggest farce in the lighting business. If it burns out, the whole line has to be replaced..
Below, is the real C-9.  It is glass and the socket will usually contain a rectifier. It also has five little diodes inside the glass bulb which gives more luminescence. If it breaks, it not only is replaceable without having to replace the whole line, but in coming seasons, you have the option of changing the bulbs to any combination of color including multi color..Real c9
Make sure and ask to see the quality first, and check to see if the cap pulls off.  This way you will know you are getting the right product..

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