PWS Now Installing Christmas Lights for 2016/2017!

Christmas Lights that were installed by Power Wash Seal of Bergen County

Christmas is right around the corner and that means the Outdoor Decorations Team at Power Wash Seal is busy installing Christmas Lights and decorations. Starting around the end of October, as the leaves are falling, residents from Bergen County and Rockland County who are looking for Christmas Light decorations call Rich from Power Wash Seal of Bergen County.

So why would you want to hire a contractor to install Christmas lights? Well, for one thing you don’t have to worry about using ladders, walking on your roof. The Outdoor Decorations Team is skilled in scaling the exteriors of homes, since they perform these tasks all year round in the Washing and Restoration division of Power Wash Seal.

So if you are looking for a Christmas Light Installation company in Bergen County or Rockland County, contact us!

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