Frequently Asked Questions

• How do your services work?

First, visit our gallery. Then contact us online or call 201 218 1644.

Next, we’ll chat about your lighting tastes, since no two homes or businesses ever look the same.

After you commission our services, we design 10 to 20 options based on your preferences for symmetry, color, balance, and accent decor. Then, we create a zoned blueprint design and provide an estimate with options at various price points based on how many zones you’d like to light, and which bulbs you like best. Within 48 hours, we contact you to arrange a time to review the options. Once you have selected the desired zones and elect to move forward, a copy of the original art work will be provided along with an installation date.

Prices are determined by the number of light sets and include all materials, labor, and use of our aerial lift and bucket trucks.

Removal is also included for free: Beginning the second week in January (or sooner if requested), we pack all decor for safe storage in your garage or basement and offer a reduced rate for re-installation the following season pending design tweaks or additional lighting zones. (Many of our customers like to mix things up to keep it interesting!)

• Why should I trust Powerwash Seal of Bergen County with my lighting needs?
Many franchises offer cookie-cutter products, but PWSOFBC takes a more creative approach that delivers classic, old-world effects.

We work with ice lights, minis, candy canes, bows, ribbons, wreaths, and the large retro C-9 string lights. We provide you with hand-drawn custom designs so your property looks unique: Our lighting designs showcase your home’s character and your specific tastes.

• What is “Holiday Light Installer Insured”?
Insurance which empowers us to handle larger lighting installations from homes to strip malls and office buildings. Some of our jobs require tall ladders, bucket trucks, lifts, and skilled equipment operators. Insurance give us and our customers peace of mind. After all, lighting installation is electrical work and can be dangerous.

• Our landscaper or pool guy says he can hang our lights if we want them to…
When the company that mows your lawn climbs a ladder and handles electric installations without experience, they could cause damage to your home’s facade, siding, and gutters—or worse. Unlike other companies, Power Wash Seal of Bergen County specializes in exterior restoration 365 days per year, meaning we’re well-equipped with the right skills, tools, and aerial equipment.

We’re used to scaling homes and buildings and won’t compromise the integrity of your home or put our team members at risk.

• Do you offer LED lights? (And should I use them?)
LED (Light Emitting Diode) cost a bit more upfront, but reduce energy costs and deliver a brighter light, so we do offer—and recommend!—using them. Unlike original LED bulbs, the newest ones give off a warm light—not the whitish, bluish glow that many people dislike.

Choose from LED minis (they look conical) and LED C-9 (the larger retro look reminiscent of yesteryear) in clear, soft white, red, green, and multi-color.

• How much does it cost to re-install the holiday lights PWS designed and installed last year?
Re-installation costs depends on how long it will take our team to do the labor. It can range from 60 to 80 percent of the installation’s original price plus the cost of additional materials such as fresh garland or damaged light repair/replacement as a result of exposure to harsh winter weather.

• Why don’t you store lights?
To protect our customers: Your lights are yours property.

It is our hope that the quality of our services—and our commitment to customer satisfaction—will be enough for you to commission us to re-install the decor you’ve purchased from us next season.

We do offer storage for leased lights (see more information about our leasing program below.)

• What is the advantage of leasing lights?
Leasing lights enables you to get into the holiday spirit at a slightly lower price, and includes off-premise storage. If you think you are going to only use your lights for one or two seasons, like to change the way you light your property every few years, or plan to move in the near future and don’t want to be bogged down by extra lights, then leasing may make sense. 

• Can we buy lights and have your company install them?
We discourage this because there is a such a wide range in quality. Each manufacturer has their own specifications, and lights you’ve purchased may vary in brightness and color, detracting from the professional look. We only guarantee the lights we provide and install with remain lit throughout the holiday season. For the best possible results, please trust us to provide all materials including lights and extension cords.

• What’s a “sequenced light show”?
This lighting option involves a custom, animated lighting show that’s synchronized to music to make your property the brightest and most unique one on the block. Just note that sequenced lighting show installations require approximately three months notice.

Contact us should you have any further questions or call 201 218 1644.